Archives for: April 23rd, 2016

How Night Guards Can Worsen Sleep-Related Disorders

Written by Michael R. Cortese, D.M.D. on Sat 04/23/2016

Night guards are commonly used by people that suffer from chronic bruxism (teeth grinding). However, anyone considering the use of a night guard should be aware of the appliance’s possible risks — namely, that it can worsen sleep disorders like sleep apnea, which often go undiagnosed but have life-altering consequences. Here, certified prosthodontist Michael Cortese…

How to Care for and Maintain Dental Implants

Written by Michael R. Cortese, D.M.D. on Fri 04/08/2016

Dental implants can last for many years without any problems — but not without the proper care. At-home maintenance and professional care are essential to the long-term health and beauty of dental implants. In this blog post, certified prosthodontist Michael Cortese of Princeton Prosthodontics explains how New Jersey dental implant patients can care for and…